Review :“Un-Earth Eternal Health.”- Suzette Zaayman

Review :“Un-Earth Eternal Health.”- Suzette Zaayman

“Am I saying that my brother caused himself to have cancer?” This line intrigues me!

Suzette Zaayman has put together an interesting, easy to read account of what metaphysical relationships are all about in this text titled “Un-Earth Eternal Health.

When I say “relationships,” I’m not talking about between people, I’m talking about the relationships we have with ourselves. Often we find the topics of spirituality quite taboo, with each person and each sector sharing their own views. We often encounter the phrase, “Don’t even go there” if this type of topic is brought up in conversation. But more and more, we are seeing an age of openness, an age where the fear of inner power is diminishing. I firmly believe that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and those are open enough and ready to read this will thoroughly enjoy it.

Here, Suzette brushes on soul energy, the spirit of reincarnation and the idea of “old souls.” The author also reaches us about levels of consciousness and the notion that we don’t have only one body in this life, but many layers of different bodies. In the yoga tradition we call these Koshas, the various sheaths within our bodies that impact our lives differently. Once we are aware of these layers, we can start to heal them using various energy healing techniques.
This spiritual gem is great for those on the spiritual path, or wanting a better understanding of energy. Suzette explained that this text is an adaptation of her doctoral thesis in metaphysical studies, so you can be assured that what is discussed has been properly researched.

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