Hopes and Dreams

Hopes and Dreams


This page will be changing all the time as I change my thoughts, my dreams, my body, my health. Nothing ever stays the same, we can count on that.

This year is for new beginnings, create a new way of doing things. Start new projects, create new behaviours and dream of doing what you always wanted to do and make it happen. The possibilities and hopes of a great year is before us.

So my goals for this year…..Body, Mind and Soul and yes Business too.


1. Loose 6 kgs over 4 months.
2. Sort out my sleepless nights

Action: Start taking a good Probiotics , eat more regularly, walk the 5 km Parkrun on Saturdays, continue with my Nia Dancing every Monday evening, and Biodanza class once a month.

I have had a problem with sleepless nights since I was a child. It takes me a few hours to fall a sleep. I took Calcuim tablets before going to sleep and it worked for a good 6 months but has stopped working in the last month or so. So my action at this stage is to investigate other options.


So I think of my mind like a garden. I want to care and nurture this garden, fertilize it with good thoughts and weed out the bad thoughts. Training the mind is something I would like to learn how to do.

1. Read a good book. One of my favourite books is “Discover your Destiny with the Monk Who Sold His Ferrari. The 7 Stages of Self-Awakening” by Robin Sharma

2. Calm the thoughts in my head to a slower pace.

3. Clear the bad thoughts and practice thinking good thoughts more often.


At this stage, I am clueless. Will get there.



Clueless once again.




Goal: Make connections this year. Talk to more people and get to know them better. Help them to grow their business how ever I can.

Action: Talk , Talk , Talk and then put a plan into action to help them the way I know how.

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